how to make a girl squirt

How To Make Someone Squirt: A Step-By-Step Guide

Squirting is a kind of ejaculation in which a clear or white fluid is expelled from the vulva during sexual pleasure or orgasm.

When certain persons with vulvae are sufficiently aroused, they may “squirt” a clear-ish liquid via their urethra, similar to how people with penise can ejaculate, only the procedure has nothing to do with reproduction.

When the surrounding erectile tissue is aroused, fluid is thought to be released from the Skene’s glands, a group of glands positioned near the urethral sponge.

It’s also conceivable that squirting occurs via the urethra. The most crucial aspect is that it may be really pleasurable, and enjoyment is what is most important here.

Here’s how to make someone squirt (or yourself squirt) and get it on in this exciting and daring manner. How can you squirt or make someone squirt like a pro?

What is squirting?

Squirting occurs when a person with a vulva responds to sexual stimulation by releasing fluid from the urethra or vulva area. Although the specific components of squirt are still being debated, investigations have shown that it may include components comparable to those found in pee and sperm.

Squirting provides a wonderful sense of relief. Prolonged sexual excitation causes the Skene’s gland to create fluid, and it is gratifying to let it all out. According to scientists, the Skene gland is the female equivalent of the male prostate.

Scientific research indicates that the liquid that is released when a woman squirts is a mixture of prostatic secretions and a little urine. It’s a clear liquid that originates from her Skene’s glands, or “the female prostate.”

How to make a girl squirt during sex – How to make a woman squirt

Some viewers have been encouraged to feel that squirting is much more prevalent than it is—in actuality, some vulva-owners do not squirt.

Throughout the day, take the time to flirt and think sexual things about your spouse. Have a lot of foreplay. Set the ambiance whatever you choose, such as dimming the lights or using candles and music.

Do you want your partner to squirt because you want them to enjoy their sexual experience as much as possible?

How to make a girl squirt during sex

Ditch the expectations

Squirting has its own set of pressures for women. It seems to have become another another “impossible” sexual act that we are expected to undertake. This not only leads to sexual guilt, but it also makes it difficult to let go enough to squirt.

Lola Jean, the legendary squirting pioneer and sex educator, says she tries to avoid the concept that you can “force” someone do anything sexually. Instead, think of it as allowing them to enjoy the experience. “If they don’t want to squirt, you’re not going to force somebody do anything,” Jean explains.

Squirting, like orgasms in general, isn’t for everyone, so make sure the recipient is fully on board before starting.

Get in the right mindset

To get into the correct attitude, make sure you’re both calm and in the mood. Because squirting includes release, being calm is essential for feeling comfortable enough to let your body do its own thing without tensing up.

“The lady has to feel comfortable before she can totally let herself go. She must be comfortable, entirely present, and 100% in her body, with her mind not straying “says professional sex therapist Moushumi Ghose, LMFT.

Remember that this is about having fun, not performing for yourself or a partner. Enjoy the feelings your body is experiencing and remember that although you may not squirt, that is not the primary goal of what you are doing. The primary goal is to have fun.

Start by getting super aroused

To squirt, the vagina and vulva must be at maximum arousal capacity. This game cannot be rushed.

“Investigate your own body and inside vaginal tissue. Look for places with arousal and sexual potential “Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, an AASECT-certified sex therapist, agrees. Create a relaxing environment in which you and your spouse may explore the body.

When you’re aroused, your vagina naturally becomes moist, your clitoris and labia enlarge and darken, and your whole body becomes more sensitive.

This heightened level of arousal is essential to squirting because you must be willing to ride the ride up to the top in order to build up to a final release.

Here’s how to make a lady orgasm, methods for more powerful orgasms, and other sorts of orgasms to explore for additional ideas on how to get there.

Stimulate the G-spot area

Once you or your partner are adequately aroused, it’s time to get to business. “The provider slips fingers into the vagina and applies pressure, rather than friction, on the front wall of the vagina (around her stomach) one and a half to three inches in (every woman is different),” explains Kenneth Play, a sex educator who has been teaching women to squirt for years.

This is known as the G-spot, which is less of a “spot” and more of a “region” that happens to contain a lot of erectile tissue, as well as a location where you can stimulate the internal, rear end of the clitoris.

“When you are excited, the texture changes and feels more ‘rubbery,'” Katherine Zagone, N.D., medical director and sexual health specialist at Gentera, tells mbg.

As your G-spot is stimulated and you get more excited, the erectile tissue fills with blood, and the G-spot and labia grow in size.

You can make her squirt while she’s not pushing out a small person by stimulating her G-spot.

Sex Tip: It may assist if the g-spot stimulation in any of these approaches is combined with powerful clitoral stimulation via fingers or a vibrator.

How to find the G-spot on women
How to find the G-spot on women

Get some sex toys

Sex toys are a great method to increase your squirting potential. While the G-spot may be stimulated manually, a curved G-spot wand can be quite helpful.

There are several toys to pick from, including something as basic as the We-Vibe Rave or a heavier device like the njoy Pure Wand.

Female orgasm or squirting is seldom caused by G-spot stimulation alone, so you’ll also want to acquire some devices for the clitoris to assist you reach that heightened level of desire.

Jean proposes a clit-sucking gadget like the Womanizer. Your wand vibrator might also come in handy. We adore Le Wand Petite and the traditional Magic Wand.

Communicate with your partner and try out new things. You may or may not like vibration.

Consistent pressure might be the thing that works for you. Perhaps you prefer going in circles around the region. Perhaps you like a mix of things. This will be a highly personal experience for everyone.

A G-spot vibrator may make the zone more accessible, which means it can be stimulated more readily.

Learn to control the PC muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles, commonly known as your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, may play an important role in squirting. These are a hammock-like group of muscles that hold in your lower organs, from the uterus to the intestines. While having control over them is not essential in squirting, it does assist.

Play places a premium on muscular mastery. He suggests establishing a “neuromuscular link” with your PC muscles, which means you can regulate when you contract them and whether you pull them inside or outward.

“When the G-spot is stimulated intensely, it typically produces a natural urge to squeeze and pull inward instead of bearing down,” he adds. “One of the secrets to allowing squirting is to learn to bear down during acute G-spot stimulation.”

If the stimulation is done by a partner, the receiver should still participate. “Ask her to alternately squeeze and bear down around your fingers to calibrate with her and know what it feels like when she does this,” Play suggests.

Be kind to yourself. According to Zagone, although bearing down may work for you, regulating your PC muscles may simply entail letting them go or relaxing. Finding what works for you might take a lot of practice, so it’s crucial to perform your PC exercises a few times a week to ensure they’re strong.

Don’t forget lube

Lube is essential in all sexual actions. Don’t put it off. Lube serves as a buffer between toys and the delicate, mucus-rich vulva skin.

Purchase some high-quality lubrication for your sex toys, fingers, and anything else. It increases sexual desire, pleasure, and arousal.

When in doubt, opt with a water-based lubrication. Silicone lubricant is more slick and needs less reapplication, but it might cause silicone toys to get damaged.

Pjur lube is a fantastic paraben- and chemical-free water-based lubrication, and here’s a list of the top natural lubes.

You may also use a female arousal gel, such as Promescent’s. While they may be too strong for certain vulva owners, there are several companies that provide a very mild, all-natural version that may aid in the promotion of blood flow to the clitoris and vulva.

Be open to getting messy

You must be open to being dirty, just as you must be in the proper psycho-emotional condition to squirt. While the volume and propelling power of squirting liquid vary from person to person, the final result is almost always a mess.

Instead of being concerned, embrace it. Skyler believes that the mess should be seen as an erotic advantage rather than a source of concern.

If you’re worried about the mess, lay down a towel or two before getting started. If you’re feeling very opulent, you may even get a sex blanket created exclusively for period sex, squirting, and other types of sexual fluids. They’re not cheap, but they’re certainly cool.

It’s also worth noting that, although squirting is commonly referred to as “female ejaculation,” it doesn’t always manifest as the gushing explosion you would expect. Squirting, like so many other aspects of sex, is unique to each individual.

“Some of the squirt seeps, drips, streams, and, sure, some of it ejects,” Jean says. “Squirting may occur during or after an orgasm. I like to call it “sexual applause”: something is occurring that is making you feel wonderful, which leads to a release of fluid.”

The best positions for squirting

While squirting may occur during penis-in-vagina intercourse, the finest sex positions for having someone squirt generally include finger or toy penetration.

On her back

Squirting requires perseverance, patience, and a variety of stimuli. With the receiver laying on her back, the provider has better access to every portion of the body required to create squirting.

Although what works for one person is not always universal, Play claims to have a winning squirting hack that has worked for hundreds of others. He explains it like this:

“The provider should be in a bent-over row posture, crossing her body, with the leg farthest away from you over your shoulder. Your two middle fingers should go within her, with your index and thumb pointing down toward her anus. You maintain your middle and ring fingers flexed and locked together. Then, with your hand on her vulva (as if pressing toward her head), stimulate her clitoris “he claims. “Then slide your arm up and down, pushing firmly on her anus and the front wall of her vagina. The pressing of her hand on the outside of her vulva causes feeling on her clitoris, while the fingers on the inside provide sensation on the G-spot.”

Standing upright

Ghose also recommends squirting while standing erect. Place yourself against a wall and lean on it for support. Make sure your legs are extended wide enough for your lover to have full access to your vulva and vagina.

The provider may find it simpler to be on their knees in front of you. Grab a cushion to help support your knees. If you’re exceptionally flexible, consider putting your foot on the giver’s shoulder for even more vulva access.

Whatever the receiver prefers

“Whatever posture helps her feel the most at ease and allows her to easily reach the specific place that promotes ejaculation will be the greatest position for her,” Ghose explains.

Communication is lubricant, so if something isn’t working for you, speak out and be willing to try something new.

Can all women squirt?

All women squirt, but not all squirt with the same fervor. Some may create a fountain, while others will just leak slightly more liquid than normal. Don’t judge yourself based on the people and acts you see on the internet.

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Stop placing yourself under so much stress.

Female ejaculation fluid is liquid and thin, and it dries soon (unlike semen or vaginal lubrication).

Check that your companion is well hydrated. Because you’ll most likely be using your fingers, wash your hands and make sure your nails are clipped and filed to prevent cuts or abrasions.

Often, vulva-owners report that they feel like they need to pee right before they squirt, which makes sense, considering squirt does come out of the urethra.

Finally, keep in mind that squirting might happen on your first try or it can take years… The most important thing is to relax into your body and let go of all expectations!

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